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award winning visual artist working in the areas of  art direction, illustration, graphic design and art. the extensive list of clients that has gained from sanne's skills and experience includes the biggest danish brands such as carlsberg, novo, tivoli, danske bank, maersk and the no. 1 restaurant in the world, noma. sanne also works for numerous smaller brands and projects within the music, fashion, film, art and consulting businesses.

sanne's wide range of clients is a testament to her versatility and no matter the assignment sanne always focuses on giving the client a personal expression through their specific qualities yet keeping it within her own visual codex.

in her work both playful and rational thinking somehow find equal footing. she often creates small sceneries in which she connects opposites in a world of magic encapsulating a universe with no boundries.

sanne has been a guest teacher at the graphic arts institute in denmark focusing on the students ability to develop their personal expression. and she has currated art exhibitions with both emerging and established artists.

sanne is currently living in copenhagen.

the graphic arts institute in denmark
school of visual arts/nyc
young designers programme by icis/DD


sartorial creation nurtured by new age philosophy
founded by anne elman clausen and sanne frank

art project by elizabeth heltoft, jonas arnby and sanne frank